Global Ruby Twist, Ivy- bi-colored ruby-red & white

Global Stars & Stripes, Ivy - bi-colored red & white

Calliope Dark Red  -  NEW 2015 - a cross between Zonal & Ivy - Zonal leaves with the trailing habit of Ivy

Candy Idols Rose Splash -  bright pink with dark rose blotch

Candy Idols White Parfait - a pretty white with a splash of pink

Maestro Idols Coral

Maestro Idols Salmon

Patriot Bright Red - an intense red - Our top selling red

Patriot Salmon Chic - medium salmon 

Patriot Cranberry Red -  Our truest red 

Patriot Lavender Blue - light lavender with a bluish hue

Patriot White Improved - a clean bright white

Patriot Rose Pink

Savannah Lavender Splash 

Savannah Merlot Sizzle 

Savannah Oh So Orange - NEW  2017

Appleblossom Rosebud - Unique double petaled pink blooms

Wilhelm Langueth - the bi-color foliage makes this one a stand out

Diva's Petticoat - White bloom edged in pink

(The Maverick series all have flower heads that rival the cut geraniums)

Maverick Hyb. Red - a great red 

Maverick Hyb. Star - red/white bi-colored petals

Maverick Hyb. Violet

Maverick White

Maverick Hyb. Orange - a very good orange for U of I colors

"Cut" Geraniums 
(started from cuttings)